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Tim Shurr, MA
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"Shurr ! Success Mesmerizing Leadership Training Series"
How To Upgrade Leadership Blind Spots!
Leadership Educator and Human Behavior expert, Tim Shurr, shares common blind spots all humans have and how to eliminate them!
Developing Mesmerizing Beliefs!
In order to become a Mesmerizing Leader, you must upgrade any self-limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from igniting engagement, trust and loyalty. Learn more at
What Non-Verbal Messages Are You Sending To Others?  
Is your body language strengthening or weakening relationships? In this demonstration, you'll see how unconscious body language can instantly create or break rapport! 
What Really Happens When Transforming A Company Culture!
Leadership and Human Behavior expert, Tim Shurr, goes into depth about what it really takes to upgrade the limiting beliefs, blind spots and communication skills of both leaders and employees.

What Causes Poor Communication At Work...and How To Fix It!  
Learn how people communicate with themselves at a Subconscious level and why 4 out of the 5 forms of communication are dysfunction and cause problems at work and home!
Leadership Insights From A Decade of Teaching!
This is a series of clips from keynotes I've delivered over the last decade. The insights about human behavior are inspiring, humorous and spot on!
7 Ways Mesmerizing Leaders Use Body Language !
What subconscious messages are you sending out through your body language? In this video, you'll learn 7 non-verbal cues that build quick rapport and enduring trust! For more information, visit
Tim's TEDx Talk - Training Your Brain For Success!  
Tim Shurr shares 3 powerful strategies for using the power of your mind to create your life by design. This TEDx Talk was delivered in November 2016 at Valparaiso University.
Dream Like Walt Disney!
Sales and communication expert, Tim Shurr, shares the importance of visualizing success and believing in your dreams. Copyright 2017 
Influence Secrets...
Become a top influencer!
Engagement Secrets...
Tim Shares 3 Ways To Quickly Increase Engagement and Answers The Question, "How do I get my people to want to give more discretionary effort?"
Developing Top Talent..
How to free up your time by turning average performers into top talent! 
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Want The Owner's Manual 
For Your Brain?
What's driving YOU at an Unconscious level? Self-limiting beliefs, emotional needs and conditioned responses often cause us to make decisions at work and home that do not lead us to the success, happiness or inner peace we seek.

After intensely studying human behavior and the Unconscious Mind for 30 years, I've decoded the thinking strategies and "brain training" techniques that lead to lasting freedom, high emotional intelligence and the ability to design your destiny!

You are only one belief away from creating anything you wish when it comes to your health, wealth and relationships! We all struggle at times and the tools in this unique book will give you the ability to mentally "condition" yourself to live life on your terms! 

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